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Environmental Engineering Program

SDSU College of Engineering


Current Research Projects
  1. Development of best management practices (BMPs) to minimize emissions and other from composting facilities.

  2. Use of thermography technique in source emission sampling from composting windrows.

  3. Evaluation of flux-chamber method for source emission sampling.

  4. Evaluation of common sediment and erosion products for control of particulate heavy metals from construction sites.

  5. Understanding the fate of emerging contaminants and developing effective treatment methods.

  6. Developing treatment technologies for destruction of groundwater contaminants including fuel oxygenates and hydrocarbons.

  7. Developing effective disinfection technologies for recycled water.

  8. Performing comprehensive resource balance for ethanol produced from various sources.

  9. Evaluating the influence of ethanol on adsorption/desorption of environmental pollutants in subsurface.